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Donations - Tayul Nuns

Tayul Gonpa, where Jetsunma spent six years of her life before entering into retreat in the cave, is one of the oldest Drukpa Kagyu monasteries in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. (Tayul in Tibetan means “chosen place”). Situated six kilometers above the Satingiri Village, Tayul Gonpa houses a 400-year-old statue of Padmasambhava and two of his protectors, and contains in its library precious scriptures (Kangyurs) and thangkas portraying the life of Lord Buddha.

Jetsunma lived with the nuns at Tayul Gonpa before living in the cave, situated several hours walk above Tayul Gonpa. These nuns work hard in harsh conditions to maintain their daily lives.

They hold a special place in Jetsunma's heart with their pure and unwaivering devotion.

All monies raised goes towards their daily needs, medical attention and so on.

Anything to help make their lives easier.