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Lama Chodpa the Natural Handmade Tibetan Incense

This high quality Tibetan incense is made in the nearby craft community of Tashi Jong by ‘Friends of Nub Gon Monastery’, a registered NGO based in Himachal Pradesh. The organization has been working to improve the livelihood and develop awareness of environmental issues, education and health for the community since 2002. 

The Lama Chodpa natural Tibetan incense is hand prepared using thirty one medicinal herbs and plants grown naturally in the Himalayas and other natural precious substances and is made by following a recipe from a previous Khamtrul Rinpoche who was acknowledged as a great healer. The process of making the incense strictly adheres to Tibetan tradition and only the purest possible substances, some of which have been blessed, are used in exact proportions. The carefully dried ingredients are individually ground (using a pestle and mortar), blended by hand, mixed into a paste which is squeezed into 5 or 8 inch lengths and then dried. The incense is hand packed in protective cardboard tubing enveloped in screen printed hand-made paper and wax sealed using an auspicious sign seal.

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